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Virtual events – do they work?


Seems that us marketeers are questioning their value. In the 2011 Social Media Marketing Industry Report (Downloadable from SocialMediaExaminer) over 3,300 marketeers were asked their opinions about a variety of topics. It makes interesting reading. There were some obvious increases in digital and social media, such as 64% planning to increase their use of email marketing.

What struck me was the virtual events – the webinars and teleseminars. I get bombarded with invitations to these every day and rarely participate in them. What the report found was that whilst 60% were planning to increase events and speaking engagements, 42% had no plans to use webinars. What does this say? Face-to-face is king. Speaking to someone in person is the way to get real empathy and engagement with them.

My view? I think that webinars have their place in the marketing toolkit. I’ve seen them used particularly effectively for a demonstration of a system or product. It can really save time, which most clients and potential customers appreciate. Provided good training is given to the people doing the demonstration, they can be just as engaging as they would have been in person.


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